09/02/2022 Seismic event ML 4.3 at Correggio (RE)

The Cornegliano Laudense Seismic Network recorded the ML4.2 seismic event occurred on il giorno 9/2/2022 at (UTC) 20:00:57 (21:00:57 Italian time) at about 14 km aNorth of Reggio Emilia ( Correggio) (source: terremoti.ingv.it). That earthquake was preceder by another seismic event with magnitude ML4.0 at (UTC) 18:55:12 (19:55:12 Italian) at Bagnolo in Piano (RE) (source: terremoti.ingv.it). Below we show as an example the seismograms (daily traces in helicorder form) recorded at the OL02 station located at about 120 km from the epicentral area. The continuous waveforms and the instruments description for the Cornegliano Laudense Seismic Network can be found at the following link: OGS-OASIS

Tracce giornaliere registrate dalla stazione OL02
Daily tracks (vertical component) recorded on 9/2/2022 at the OL02 station, filtered with a high-pass filter at a minimum frequency of 1 Hz..