28/8/2020 Seismic event near Lake Garda detected by RSCL

On 28/8/2020, the Conegliano Laudense Seismic Network recorded a seismic event that occurred in Magasa in the province of Brescia, not far from Lake Garda, at 05:32:55 UTC (07:32:55 Italian time); it was an earthquake with magnitude M 2.9 (source: terremoti.ingv.it). Although the event was weak and not near the storage site (approximately 100 km from the epicentre), the seismic signal produced by this earthquake was detected by the stations of the Cornegliano Stoccaggio seismic network. Below, we show as an example the seismograms (daily traces in helicorder form) recorded at the OL02 station on the same day. The seismograms are filtered with a high-pass filter (above 1 Hz). The event took place in the context of a thrust fault near the contact between the Southern and Central Alps, called the Judicial Alps system. The seismicity of the area, characterized by moderate magnitude, is documented in historical and instrumental catalogues (Boschi et al., 2000; Gruppo di Lavoro CPTI, 2004; Pondrelli et al., 2006; Guidoboni et al., 2007).

Tracce giornaliere registrate dalla stazione OL02
TDaily tracks (vertical component) recorded on 28/8/2020 by station OL02, filtered with a high-pass filter at a minimum frequency of 1 Hz.