Seismic network


All stations are equipped with the same instrumentation, manufactured by Guralp Systems, Ltd. (see Table 1), consisting of a Radian digital broadband velocimeter (in the well, at a depth of approximately 75 m), a Fortis compact broadband accelerometer (on the surface) and a digitizer.

Seismological analysis procedures

For the detection of seismicity of interest in the Cornegliano Laudense reservoir area, two reference areas have been identified, which correspond to the detection domains indicated in the Monitoring Guidelines of the Ministry for Economic Development. The Internal Domain (DI) surrounds the reservoir up to a distance of 3 km and the Extended Domain (DE) extends up to 15 km from the external perimeter of the reservoir.

Station Cards

All stations are equipped with an in-well seismometer, located at a depth of 75 m, and a surface accelerometer. The stations normally consist of the following elements:

• a wire mesh fence and access gate;
• a well, equipped with a surface access shaft, which houses the sensors;
• a cabinet containing electrical and electronic equipment;
• a photovoltaic panel for power supply.