Detected Seismicity

Seismicity detected by RSCL before storage activities

The seismicity detected before the start of storage activities serves to assess the natural background seismicity under "undisturbed" conditions.
The new Cornegliano Laudense Seismic Network (RSCL), which has a much higher sensitivity than the national grid, detected a total of 11 events with very low magnitude in the period 1/1/2017-31/11/2018 (before the start of storage activities); all events occurred in the External Area of detection, and all were attributable to tectonic causes. These were neither events due to well drilling, which had already been completed, nor microevents induced by storage, which had not yet started.

Current seismicity

Since the start of storage activities, the Cornegliano Laudense Seismic Network has detected only one seismic event in the External Area that is part of the deep seismicity that characterizes the region. To date, there have been no changes in seismicity rates or in the distribution of seismic events since the start of storage activities.