Current seismicity

After the start of storage activities, the Cornegliano Laudense Seismic Network detected a set of seismic events with overall characteristics similar to those of the events registered in the two previous years. In particular, seismic events can be grouped into two sets: (1) a series of deep events (30-40 km) that fit within the framework of deep seismicity that characterizes the area and (2) a series of more superficial events (between 0 and 6 km) that occurred within the Internal Domain or slightly outside. In both cases, the recent events are located in the same areas as the events detected before the start of the storage activities, supporting the hypothesis that they are phenomena related to the natural seismicity of the area. At present, the following conclusions can be considered:

  • -the seismicity detected remains at very low levels;
  • - there are no changes in seismicity rates or in the distribution of seismic events since the start of storage activities.

The complete list of seismic events recorded by the RSCL can be found in the "Data and Documentation" section undSeismic events detected by the RSCL.